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Everyone will have their own preferred method for displaying and storing their Celtic Supporters Club badges, here are a few we think you should consider when displaying or storing your badges.

Badge Storage Box

The above box is ideal for storing your badges, holding 18 if you put one in each compartment and are relatively cheap from most craft shops.


The above notice board is probably the best option if you prefer to display your badges, the cork backing makes it easy to attach badges without damaging the pins and it will hold quite a few badges.

These are the cheapest options we could come up with, no doubt there are ways to display badges that we haven't thought about, one collector I have spoken to keeps his in coin trays, which would be a more expensive option, but it's totally up to you.

If you want to send us you ideas or even a photo to info@celtic-badges.com of how you display or store your badges we will add it to this page for others to see.




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